Our Services

  Design Builds

ATC works with architectural and design firms to create and perform new construction projects. As a single contractor, we can provide turnkey services for customers from inception, to planning, construction, and completion. We provide the customer with the peace of mind in working with just one contractor throughout the entire process.

  Vertical and Horizontal Construction

We can provide our customers with a wide range of capabilities within the construction field. This includes vertical structures such as hangars, dormitories, and office buildings from the ground-up with all requisite trades. ATC can also perform construction of roadways, bridges, asphalt and concrete projects.


Federal property cleaning services is usually tied to construction industry projects. This type of cleaning includes “rough” cleaning after all framing, electrical and plumbing is completed and inspected. Scope of commercial janitorial services vary tremendously depending on type of janitorial maintenance needed and expectations.

  Construction Project Management

Through proprietary training programs, ATC fields a team of experienced and highly-capable project managers.  We can assist clients will all their construction needs and are familiar with the needs and requirements of all government branches and systems.  Due to our relationships with other businesses around the country, we can perform project management nationwide.


Water, mold, bio-hazard, fire, sewage, and structural damage happen. We take tremendous pride in analyzing projects before we begin, striving to know exactly what type of damage occurred and what else was impacted. This is done to ensure our work carefully restores all damage and property is renewed like new.